American Association of State Colleges and Universities

The Sova team supports the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in its ongoing effort to serve member institutions. AASCU’s approach is based on the fundamental conviction that its member institutions can reach their student success goals if they have the appropriate supports in place at critical junctures in their improvement journeys. Sova provides the strategic planning, program development, service delivery model, and business planning support necessary to meet its mission of “delivering America’s promise.”

AASCU has embarked on an ambitious journey to help our member institutions achieve greater levels of success for their students. Student success has become a core AASCU commitment. In seeking partners for our work, we found that Sova brings a distinctive mix of higher ed expertise, creativity, and sense of responsibility to the work of improving the lives of students. Sova stands out in their commitment to helping us meet the needs of our member institutions. Their comprehensive understanding of the higher ed landscape and commitment to practical strategy implementation made them a natural choice for us.

George MehaffyVice President for Academic Leadership and ChangeAmerican Association of State Colleges and Universities